Hello, we are Bart and David,
bestfriends and founders of BACK2 GRAND.
Our journey started in 2018 when we were trying to sell second hand clothes at online sales portals.
We started to gain experiences and in the end of the year 2020, we opened our first online shop. We started BACK2 GRAND as an online store focused on the vintage clothing and accessories. After one year of our business experience, we have also focused on creating our next online shop – second hand. So we launched BACK2 GRAND Vintage and BACK2 GRAND Second Hand in summer 2022.

The name has many meanings.
BACK2 GRAND sounds similiar to the word second hand.
Two arrows in the logo represent sustainability and the two of us.
First and last letter of the name are our initials, Bart and David.
The word Grand in the name can be understood as the highest level of quality,
so the whole name together means that we give life back to quality clothes.

The whole BACK2 GRAND concept is based on the idea of sustainability, ecology and enviromental protection. Therefore, the entire range offered consists exclusively of used clothing and accessories because we want to make a slow fashion common thing.